Mariner’s Cove Park is an adult park housing 230 mobile and manufactured homes in Estero, Florida. The Estero River connects Mariner’s Cove to a sanctuary of wildlife providing safe retreat to a wide range of animals such as eagles, ospreys, egrets, manatee and turtles. Up the river to the east, the land is preserved by the Koreshan State Park, while down the river to the west, a large portion of the land, approximately 1,300 acres bordering the Estero Bay and Estero River, remains protected by Florida’s Conservation and Recreational Lands Program.

Mariner’s Cove Park is well situated. Located on the Estero River the park offers 70+ private boat docks and a boat ramp. It’s approximately 2 miles up the Estero River to the mouth of Estero Bay, and then another few miles to Lover’s Key State Park, Big Carlos Pass and further to Estero Island, Fort Myers Beach and surrounding areas.

In 1997 Mariner’s Cove Park became a resident-owned park. Since its beginning, Mariner’s Cove has expanded, grown and prospered. The many park enhancements such as new roads, water and sewer utilities, dock facilities, pool, clubhouse continues to provide its members with a solid infrastructure from which to build and enjoy. Mariner’s Cove residents soon grow to realize that living here, with some 230 families, provides them with not only a place to live - but more so provides them with a “real, valued lifestyle”. The City of Estero is thriving and growing with many social and cultural opportunities, business and shopping choices. Park residents continue to influence the park culture through numerous varied activities and the ad hoc committees also bring people together forming a friendly, cohesive, safe park environment.

We welcome newcomers, especially those who are seeking to live in a friendly, mature park environment. For more information please leave us an e-mail and for those of you who live in Mariner’s Cove already, please leave me your thoughts on our web site.

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